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Pine Cones

Cheap and easy to find, it’s easy to see how pine cones make such a beautiful Christmas gift topper. You can even make the pine cones look snow covered with a frosted touch by adding spray snow or glitter!

Caroline Inge of The Home Depot

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Candy Canes

With candy canes being so easy to find during the holiday season, why not incorporate them into your gift wrapping? Plus, it’s like a bonus treat to the gift you are already giving.

Half Baked Harvest

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Natural Elements

Have a few extra tree trimmings you can spare? Or perhaps foliage you can find in your own backyard? We LOVE the idea of adding a natural and rustic feel to the gift-giving game this year. I feel like anyone could appreciate the timelessness of this design, but I would definitely do this for my outdoor-loving friends.

Love Create Celebrate

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Plop it on the box or incorporate the wreathe into your bow. Whichever creative route you decide to take, your giftee will be overjoyed to receive a cute wreathe with their initial gift. The best part is, there are countless tutorials and an unlimited number of ways you can design your wreathes. Craft away, friends!

Nick + Alicia

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Gift Ornaments

Because ornaments can have more special homes than just on the tree! DIY it or use any of your leftover flat ornaments to make your gift design unique with a simple add-on.


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