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BRUNSWICK, Georgia: March 1, 2022 – Wolfson Children’s at Southeast Georgia Health System recently held an unveiling ceremony for its new Donohue Sensory Room, a therapeutic space designed to help children with autism spectrum disorders and/or sensory challenges feel calm, supported and focused while at the pediatric specialty clinic.

The specialized sensory room was made possible by a $40,000 gift from The AJ Donohue Foundation. The funding supported capital needs, including construction and equipment.

“The AJ Donohue Foundation is dedicated to helping children and families experience more joy and fewer struggles,” shared DelRia T. Baisden, FACHE, vice president, Southeast Georgia Health System. “Their newest gift, the Donohue Sensory Room, will help to promote a soothing environment that comforts children and allows them to feel safe during therapy.”

Baisden added, “On behalf of the Health System, our therapy teams, and the families we serve, I extend deep appreciation to the AJ Donohue Foundation for this very generous gift.”

Paying special attention to what the children and families need, the room was designed with soft, neutral colors, minimalistic décor, and a variety of therapy equipment, including: a climbing system with a scooter board ramp, a crash pad and bean bag chair, a trampoline and assorted swings. Each product has a unique purpose to help promote different sensory inputs. Instead of harsh fluorescent light bulbs, which produce a mild humming noise and often flicker, the space includes dimmable lighting and blackout shades that families can customize to meet the individual comfort level of their child.

Wolfson Children’s at Southeast Georgia Health System is the result of a partnership between Southeast Georgia Health System and Wolfson Children’s Hospital of Jacksonville, Florida. Opened in 2013 and staffed by the Health System and the University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville, the center offers outpatient pediatric subspecialty care in cardiology, neurosurgery and rehabilitation therapy.

“Our foundation’s mission started with my brother, AJ, who in the final weeks of his life, decided to raise money to support the patients and families at Wolfson Children’s Hospital,” said Luke Donohue. “It has now been 16 years since he passed away, but his vision is alive and stronger than ever. Our continued relationship with Southeast Georgia Health System and Wolfson Children’s has allowed us to extend AJ’s vision back into the Brunswick community, where he first got the idea to start fundraising. I know that AJ would be so proud to know that we’re still raising money for his vision all these years later.”

Since AJ’s passing from a rare bone cancer in 2006, The AJ Donohue Foundation has organized scholarships and endowments to assist Wolfson Children’s Hospital, where AJ received treatment. It has also raised more than $350,000 for Wolfson Children’s at Southeast Georgia Health System, aiding programs that provide care to children in the southeast Georgia region.

“Thanks to the generosity and continued support of The AJ Donohue Foundation, as well as to our longstanding partners at Southeast Georgia Health System, we are able to go the extra mile to meet the needs of families seeking specialized pediatric services close to home,” says Thabata Ford, MPH, FACHE, vice president, Operations and System Pulmonary, Baptist Medical Center and Wolfson Children’s Hospital. “A testament to the remarkable legacy of its namesake, AJ Donohue, the new Donohue Sensory Room at Wolfson Children’s at Southeast Georgia Health System will help children have more positive and meaningful experiences.”

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