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Carrie Lewis and her vetted caregivers take care of the ones we love when we need the extra helping hands.

Photography by Miranda Danielle Photography

It may sound odd but Carrie Lewis has been involved in caregiving since she was in high school. Her paternal grandmother was diagnosed with cancer when she was in 10th grade and by 11th grade she was completely bed-bound and under hospice care. She, her father and uncle, rotated every third night caring for her grandmother and they hired a caregiver for the daytime hours so she could attend high school. Together they kept this schedule until she passed away on July 15th, 2002 while Carrie’s whole family was on vacation in Florida except for her and the daytime caregiver.

“She was not expected to pass that soon but she decided to let go nonetheless. It was sad but I was happy that she was no longer suffering and was reunited with her family in Heaven.” Then, in Carrie’s junior year of college, her maternal grandmother was diagnosed with a progressive form of brain cancer. They found out in October of 2005 and she passed away in February of 2006. Carrie moved home from Athens and became her Grandmother’s primary caregiver at the end of that fall semester. “I was with her when she passed away and I remember it very vividly because she was the first person that I was physically with when they passed.” Carrie went on to receive her degree BA in Social Science and continued on to work with seniors in our community.

Georgia Living Senior Home Care approached and offered her with this opportunity back in the fall and after doing some research she decided that their culture of care and the approach that they have to care from their corporate perspective is unlike any that she had seen in our community. While Georgia Living Senior Home Care has the word “senior” in its name, they offer many different services including helping a woman who is on bed rest pregnant with laundry, meal prep, and errands or offering those same services to someone who is recovering from plastic surgery or someone who had a broken arm or ankle. There is nothing wrong with being taken care of and when you need another pair of helping hands that is where Carrie’s team of caregivers can help. I know personally I am so excited to have her here in our community of Camden, I plan on using their services when we have our next baby or if my husband or I are sick, how amazing to have someone you can trust with the things that still need getting done, when you are down sick.



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