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5 Southern Georgia Experiences Under $100

One of the best parts about the Christmas season is the quality family time that everyone gets to share. While it is nice to have the kids out of school, they start to look to you for entertainment after their 4th day of break. You don’t want to stick them in front of the TV all day, but you also don’t have time to take a multi-day vacation. On top of all that, the gift-giving and traveling of the holiday season might have your wallet feeling a little lighter than normal. Fortunately, Southern Georgia has plenty of engaging, family-friendly attractions that won’t break the bank. This week’s blog is composed of some of the best family experiences in the region that cost less than $100.

Note: I am using a family of 4 as the set family size. Every family is a little different, so your prices may vary.

Georgia Coastal Railway, St. Marys

Every kid loves trains. There is something about their physical majesty and raw power that captivate children of all ages…and adults! St. Marys is home to the Coastal Georgia Railway and its myriad of themed train rides. For this blog, we will be sticking with their classic train ride that takes passengers on a 90-minute cruise through St. Marys and Kingsland. The ride keeps children entertained next to big window seats, as they are captivated by the passing scenery, while parents can sit back and relax in their cushioned chairs. General admission is $20, with other options are available to accommodate families of any size. The railway is constantly hosting holiday-themed rides and special events, so be sure to check their website regularly to stay in the loop.

Neutral Zone Studios, Kingsland

One of the galaxy’s most intense fanbases have landed their ship in Southern Georgia. Neutral Zone Studios is a full-scale, fan-run Star Trek experience, where you can walk through the starship USS Enterprise. While it may have not been featured on the big screen, the facility has been used for numerous fan films including “Star Trek Continues“. Neutral Zone Studios is a non-profit experience that is a self-described “labor of love”. The organization normally runs “Fan Appreciation Weekends” that allow visitors to walk through the sets completely free of charge, although donations are greatly appreciated. They post appreciation weekend dates and special events on their Facebook page and website regularly. Give your family an out-of-this-world experience next time you are in Kingsland. See their next Fan Appreciation Weekend here.

link for star trek continues

Southern Forest World, Waycross

Created by many people, including the Georgia Forestry Commission, Southern Forest World is a museum dedicated to, well, trees. Now it might not sound super exciting on the surface, but the building is bursting at the seams with artifacts about forestry, boats, and wood energy. They even have a mummified dog in a log that was featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not! This museum is a quirky little spot that is the perfect afternoon trip for anyone in the Waycross area. Southern Forest World is a non-Profit organization and visits are free, but donations are appreciated.

Fifth Day Farm, Valdosta

Zoos are one of those attractions that are much more fun in theory. By the time you drive to the city, find parking, and shell out $150 for entry, everyone is ready to go home. Instead, you can head to an easy-going, personalized experience right in your backyard. Fifth Day Farms is a family-owned and operated petting zoo located in Valdosta, Georgia. The hobby turned business brings the charm of a small-town farm straight to you. The Hendley’s 4 Acre Farm has goats, cows, pigs, turkeys, and even a Zebu for your viewing and petting enjoyment. Fifth Day Farms costs $10 per person and is open until 5 PM on the weekends.

Okefenokee Swamp Park, Waycross

Regardless of whether you live in the area or not, the Okefenokee Swamp Park is a must-visit for every family. The Okefenokee Swamp is a National Treasure located in the heart of Southern Georgia. The park has multiple exhibits, nature shows, and plenty of walk-through experiences that capture the imagination of kids and adults alike. When you step foot out of the visitors center, you are stepping into the heart of nature. Animals seen while visiting are not planted or staged and are 100% real. This means that every time you visit the swamp you can have a completely different adventure. General Admission is $20 for adults and $19 for children and includes entrance to the park, nature shows, a train ride, and exhibit access.

Jessup Drive-In, Jessup

When they were at the peak of their popularity, drive-ins numbered in the thousands and were some of the most common places for communities to congregate. Now almost a century later, a few hundred remain standing in the United States. The Jessup Drive-In found in Wayne County is serving up popcorn and soda like it’s still 1950. The theater has been open since 1948 and keeps the tradition alive by showing new releases in a timeless environment. The team that runs the Drive-In is devoted to bringing visitors the most authentic experience possible. A portion of their profits is put right back into the business, with plans to add more 50’s decor and carhop waitresses. The cool Southern Georgia weather makes now the perfect time to take the family to this outdoor attraction. They are currently showing movies like Ghostbusters Afterlife and Spider-man No Way Home. For a full list of movies and showtimes, check out their website at

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